The strength training program for beginner windsurfers

Beginner windsurfers: protect your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints | Photo: Creative Commons/Joe Shlabotnik

Beginner windsurfers should prepare muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints for more strenuous training phases.

Windsurfing fitness expert Henrik Beyer shares a simple yet essential strength training plan for newcomers.

Are you ready to start windsurfing? Do you know anyone willing to experience windsurfing for the first time?

Make sure you back up your early technical lessons with a specific strength training program for starters.

A Six-Week Physical Plan

Beyer, health promoter and author of "Health & Fitness for Windsurfing," has designed a periodized windsurfing physical plan for the first six weeks in the sport.

Beginners will be fit to sail and stay protected against the most common injuries.

"Warm up 10 minutes before each workout," explains Henrik Beyer.

"Always ensure you're adopting the correct lifting technique and perform each exercise through its full range of motion."

"Individual injuries or illnesses should always be considered before starting any exercise program."

So here's what a windsurfing learner should do:

  • Two strength training workouts each week. (e.g., Monday, Thursday);
  • Two light 30-minute cardio workouts (optional activity) each week (e.g., Tuesday, Friday);

When you've reached the fourth week, complete only one strength training and one cardio workout, and rest two minutes between each set.

Finally, notice the increased load and sets and the drop in repetitions during weeks five and six.

Windsurf Exercises Week 1-2
Load 70%
Week 3-4
Load 70%
Week 5-6
Load 75%
  Set Rep Set Rep Set Rep
Squats 15 2 15 2 12 3
Leg curls 15 2 15 2 12 3
Barbell bench press 15 2 15 2 12 3
Military press 15 2 15 2 12 3
Bent-over lateral raises 15 2 15 2 12 3
Reverse grip chins 15 2 15 2 12 3
St. Triceps press 15 2 15 2 12 3
St. Calf raises 15 2 15 2 12 3
Back raises 15 2 15 2 12 3
 Sit-Ups 15 2 15 2 12 3

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