The three batten KS3 sail for wave riding

June 12, 2013 | Windsurfing
KS3: designed by Kauli Seadi

Kauli Seadi and Hot Sails Maui have developed the KS3, the new three batten windsurfing sail for wave riding.

The three-time world wave windsurfing champion has designed a new type of sail that does not get over powered and maintains a locked-in feel, in all wind conditions.

The KS3 promises that if you drop into a wave, the forward pull of the sail drives your rail through the turn helping you stay tight in the pocket.

The increased exit energy that this generates adds a new dimension to your riding, with more power and speed turns gauge deeper and throw more spray.

"I had in mind a three batten mainly for wave riding, but the KS3 has amazing acceleration, power and speed with stability and locked forward power position, which makes it ideal for all riders", explains Kauli Seadi.

"An amazing feature that we accomplished that I never felt in other sails was the momentum. It is a lot easier to accelerate and control during maneuvers, also a super light feel", he adds.

The KS3 is designed to rig on short masts and all sails come with a fixed head. Expect the KS3 to have much more batten rotation than other sails in the wave range.

The downhaul setting has minimal adjustment just +/- 1cm from the recommended settings with most of the tuning from the outhaul settings which can be altered +1 (high wind) and -2cm (low wind) from the specifications.

This allows the sail to be sailed very full for lighter winds and with less camber as the wind increases and control becomes more important.

The KS3 will be market in six sizes, from 3.7 to 5.2.

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