The Whipper: the windsurfing rig for kids aged 3-6 | Photo: WhipperKids

A Danish industrial designer has created the world's lightest windsurfer kit.

The Whipper is a complete windsurfing set for kids between three and six years old. With top-quality materials and appealing colors, it aims to get kids confident with watersports in a fun, easy, and safe way.

"I have been teaching windsurfing for many years in various clubs and centers around the world. Recently, I decided to use my passion for technology and design to solve a problem I've encountered many, many times," explains developer Mads Ring.

"Until now, it has been both expensive and difficult to get kids started with watersports. The Whipper contains everything you need to get your youngster out on the blue waters."

The rig weighs less than one kilogram and sails well even in the lightest breeze.

The 120-centimeter mast helps secure the low weight and makes the equipment easy and safe for the child to sail on.

The unique sail design - built in conjunction with HotSailsMaui - makes it stable and light in the hands of the rider.

The inflatable board packs in the included sports bag together with the sail. It is robust, stable, and tracks well at all speeds. 

Kids can use the board for stand-up paddling, and strategically placed rings make it easy to attach a safety line. The Whipper was developed in "Cold Hawaii," a popular windsurfing spot on Denmark's west coast.

The Whipper: the windsurfing rig weighs less than one kilogram | Photo: WhipperKids

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