Thomas Traversa: riding the giants liquid mountains of Nazaré's Praia do Norte

The Windsurf Project is an ambitious film series that aims to document the most radical and perfect windsurfing from around the globe.

During the 2017/2018 winter season, French windsurfer Thomas Traversa focused his efforts on tracking every storm in Europe. His agenda led him to the notorious Portuguese big wave break of Nazaré.

"Nazaré, right now, is definitely one of the top spots for big waves in the world. It is one of the scariest waves, and it was intimidating to sail it," notes Traversa former PWA World Tour champion, and winner of the Red Bull Storm Chase.

"I remember the first day when I got there. The waves were not that big, but the feeling of the place was intimidating with the cliff, the big beach, the absence of people, and the shore break."

And that's how "The Windsurf Project" begins. Jamie Hancock, the mastermind behind these documentary series, calls it Project One. The viewer is invited to witness Traversa preparing for the critical sailing moments.

The wave sailor likes to study and analyze the conditions meticulously for each big wave session. And for Nazaré, he had to be on top of his game to survive the Portuguese beast.

The first windsurfer to ride the big waves of Nazaré was Jason Polakow. On February 2016, the Australian wave sailor dropped into 43-foot waves at Praia do Norte and had a close encounter with the nearby rocks.

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