The windsurfer with one leg and loads of talent

December 3, 2014 | Windsurfing
Hannes Rieger: one leg, loads of talent

Windsurfing can change lives, but a young man with only one leg didn't imagine that a board and a sail would become addicted to life in the water.

Meet Dr. Hannes Rieger. He's our hero. When I was only 19 years old, he was involved in a car accident as a passenger. After severe complications, Rieger lost his left leg. He had just finished high school, and he was ready to start his life.

"A few years after my accident, some friends told me about windsurfing and what a fantastic sport it was. Then I had the idea to jump on a large board with a friend and give it a try," explains Hannes Rieger.

"After this first attempt, it was clear to me that I had to find a way for me to learn windsurfing. That was the most important thing for me. I wanted to achieve it: to ride a windsurf board at full speed."

His dream is no longer a dream. Despite his handicap, the Austrian became an accomplished windsurfer and is the star of "One Foot Off: The Story of Dr. Hannes Rieger," a documentary by Stefan Csáky.

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