The windsurfing fin for shallow waters

September 24, 2014 | Windsurfing
FreeDelta Re: ready for shallow waters and weedy lagoons | Photo: Black Project Fins

Black Project Fins has developed FreeDelta Re, a free ride windsurfing fin specifically designed for shallow waters and weedy lagoons.

When Rene Egli contacted Black Project Fins, the company owned by Chris Freeman, he was looking for a very specific windsurfing fin that would work in a very shallow lagoon.

In this type of conditions, a traditional fin has serious limitations, so Chris and his team knew they had to invent something short, about half the length of a regular fin. Impossible? Maybe not.

"The FreeDelta Re turned out to be one of the most challenging projects we have undergone. The rules that were familiar with us had to be broken, and it took several designs and prototypes until we were starting to get close to the level of performance that we wanted," explains Freeman.

"We actually ended up with a much bigger fin than we had expected, increasing both area and foil thickness dramatically from the initial designs, and keeping the depth to only 21 centimeters."

Black Project Fins believes the result is a "fast, fun, controllable fin which instill confidence in the rider." The new FreeDelta Re is the ideal pick for boards in the 100-145 liter range, with sails between 5.5-8.0 meters.

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