Eugen, Björn and Liam Dunkerbeck: a windsurfing life

Eugen, Björn, and Liam. The Dunkerbeck windsurfing family is in its third generation. A short documentary by Mathias Bergmann shows their passion for wind, boards, and sails.

A long time ago, Eugen Dunkerbeck, the grandfather, traveled from Denmark to the Canary Islands to try windsurfing.

Since then, he hasn't stopped.

When Björn Dunkerbeck was born in 1969, he rapidly learned how to windsurf and immediately got into competitions.

With time - a couple of decades - he collected 41 world championship titles.

Today, Björn is addicted to speed windsurfing.

He is actually one of the fastest windsurfers on Planet Earth, and he is promoting a speed sailing contest with his signature.

"I am very fortunate that my son Liam likes sports that I do too: surfing, standup paddling, mountain biking, and windsurfing. He's getting better every day," explains Björn Dunkerbeck.

"I am going to give him all the opportunities that I can and teach him as much as I know. It's definitely up to him. I am not going to push him into any kind of things that I do."

Björn hopes one day, he will be able to compete against Liam and his kids in his own Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge.

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