Thomas Goyard crowned 2016 RS:X European windsurfing champion

July 11, 2016 | Windsurfing
Thomas Goyard: the 2016 RS:X European windsurfing champion | Photo: Hajduk

Thomas Goyard and Charline Picon have been crowned the 2016 RS:X European windsurfing champions, in Helsinki, Finland.

On the sixth and final day of competition, there was a lot of tension on the water. All sailors across four divisions wanted to grab the medals and raise their national flags. But only four windsurfers tasted gold.

Goyard, from France, won the medal race and secured a one-point-margin over Kieran Holmes-Martin, who finished second. Pawel Tarnowski kept bronze.

"I had a very good start, a very good tactics to the first upwind mark, crossed the finish line first just Pawel Tarnowski behind me doing a very good comeback and this moment I felt, I did my best winning the Medal Race and if I want to win the Championship, it depends on Kieran and other guys - so I was waiting on the finish line to see the others coming through," explained Thomas Goyard.

"Seeing Kieran on 8th place was exactly the place what I needed for me to win the Championship. This was exactly what happened and I could not believe until I checked the results from the finish boat and I was crazy happy to understand I'm the winner."

France lost the Euro 2016 to Portugal in football, but Charline Picon joined Goyard on the highest spot of the podium, and both celebrated gold for their country in the sport of windsurfing. Picon also won the medal race and jumped from third to first.

Titouan Le Bosq and Noy Drihan were crowned the 2016 RS:X Youth European windsurfing champions.

2016 RS:X European & Youth European Windsurfing Championships | Top 5

Men Open
1. Thomas Goyard (FRA)
2. Kieran Holmes-Martin (GBR)
3. Pawel Tarnowski (POL)
4. Mateo Sanz Lanz (SUI)
5. Przemyslaw Miarczynski (POL)

Women Open
1. Charline Picon (FRA)
2. Zofia Noceti-Klepacka (POL)
3. Stefania Elfutina (RUS)
4. Marta Maggetti (ITA)
5. Isobel Hamilton (GBR)

Youth Men Open
1. Titouan Le Bosq (FRA)
2. Tal Zadok (ISR)
3. Sil Hoekstra (NED)
4. Camille Bouyer (FRA)
5. Tom Reuveny (ISR)

Youth Women Open
1. Noy Drihan (ISR)
2. Maya Morris (ISR)
3. Katy Spychakov (ISR)
4. Mariam Sekhposyan (RUS)
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