Thomas Traversa steals the Carro Wave Classic 2013

March 25, 2013 | Windsurfing
Carro Wave Classic: backloop craziness in the South of France

Thomas Traversa has conquered the Carro Wave Classic 2013, in France.

The small Mediterranean fishing village saw massive waves rolling in, at mast high, with side-shore winds peaking at 50 knots. Carro was ready for intense wave sailing action.

The format of competition for the Carro Wave Classic mixes professional and amateur riders. With a recovery system inspired from surfing competitions, it gave the opportunity for everybody to take part in, at least, two heats.

All the heats were judged by other riders, who scored the two best jumps and wave rides. Aerial show time in the South of France.

Peter Volwater, Thomas Traversa, Julien Taboulet and Jules Denel were clearly charging harder. The final brought together four top-class international riders who offered the crowd a fantastic show.

The Backloop extravaganza ended up crowning Thomas Traversa, the new Carro Wave Classic 2013 champion.

Carro Wave Classic 2013 | Results

1. Thomas Traversa
2. Julien Taboulet
3. Peter Volwater
4. Jules Denel
5. Regis Bouron
6. Nicolas Reynes
7. Patrick Vigouroux

1. Fanny Aubet
2. Stella Fazi
3. Lise Vidal

1. Justin Denel
2. Loic Lesauvages
3. Bastien Escofet

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