Tim Knowles blows the Illawarra Classic 2011

November 13, 2011 | Windsurfing
Gerroa: when wind blows...

Tim Knowles won the Pro division of the Illawarra Classic 2011, the second stage of the NSW Wavesailing State Championship. The contest was held at Gerroa, Seven Mile Beach, in sunny 25-knot sea breezes and 6-to-7 foot waves.

In the Pro fleet, you could really see that the level on the water was just fantastic. The conditions certainly allowed the top Pros to really standout. Deep, laydown bottom turns, huge sprays gouging out the lip, Goiters (landed dry), end-over-end forwards, a 360, back loops and even a Shaka landed planning on the inside just for fun.

Tim Knowles took the top honours with one of the biggest aerials of the day, getting lifted 15ft by the cross-offshore gusts. Other standouts were Barny, who probably dominated the air, and Logan who just seemed everywhere, particular if there was a nice 6ft set to project off. Dan showed deep knowledge of the spot.

The Amateurs were sent out next. Many played a slightly more conservative contest strategy aiming to fill their score card with the required three waves and one jump and emerging with all their gear intact. Adam was clearly the standout sailor, looking comfortable in the conditions by picking off the bigger sets.

The Masters division was just going off as you could see that experience and knowledge of the spot these guys have. This made for a really radical style of windsurfing. This is usually the most contested division, especially with Warren Holder back on the water, after injury. Alan Bailey took the win.

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