Elements Watersports Spring Race: that is a tight match

Tim Wood sailed through the Fergusson Park to claim victory in the Elements Watersports Spring Race, in Tauranga, New Zealand.

As predicted, the Nor’Wester built enough to warrant setting a course and getting wet. With everyone out in the water for the first round of racing, there was a straight forward ‘figure 8’ within the narrow confines of the channel ready to rock.

A couple of tight start sequences challenged the fleet early on, however cunning startline strategies started to evolve as the races progressed. Despite all of the hectic starts, only one passionate protest was directed at the committee boat, (and was quickly rejected after ‘careful’ consideration).

Tim Wood had the measure of the day’s conditions and was rarely headed over the six races. Following closely were a tight bunch of six or seven sailors battling across the whitecapped harbour.

Amongst this group and exhibiting no loss of form, despite many years swinging from kites, was Glenn Bright, representing the locals with a 'class' effort. The young RSX/Techno racers impressed and gave the 'short version' of the sport a go, on their funny looking gear.

Those running bigger rigs were clearing out from the rest as the conditions eased, so the fleet was separated for the final few races. Fortunately, the race committee were able to evaluate final results after Day 1, as Sunday’s forecast failed to provide suitable weather to get a start.


1. Tim Wood
2. Daryl McConnell
3. Alexander Stroh
4. Trent Cornwall
5. Harry Reed
6. Jim Rodgers
7. Glenn Bright
8. Dave Stewart
9. Roger Gosbee
10. Bevan Dunlop

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