Snow sailing: who said windsurfing needs water?

A group of windsurfers from Montreal is getting into wind skateboarding, wind skiing, and wind snowboarding when the cold temperatures freeze the local waters. And fun is their middle name.

They say that even if it is cold - an average temperature of -15 ºC - it feels like summer in their minds. And it is true, at least judging from their latest snow sailing video.

"We do have some wind, but it's not warm all year long. First, you need some good conditions to sail with skis or a snowboard. To get it easier, you want hard snow, solid to icy. A little bit of powder will slow you down, but it will be better when you fall," explains Guy Trudeau.

"Wind skiing is different from wind snowboarding. Some will prefer one, some the other. I have enjoyed wind skiing for more than twenty years. This season, we built new freestyle wind skis for my friend Benjamin, and I tried them. Now I know what I need for my next season!"

Trudeau, Greg Lafortune, and Benjamin Cadieux believe wind skiing can handle more icy conditions than wind snowboarding because of its doubled edges.

It can be fun and fast, and if there's clean ice, you need almost no wind; 10 knots will work.

Simultaneously, it's also possible to spin multiple times, double, triple, or more.

The wind ski is good for speed, going on some hills or bumps, wherever the wind takes you.

In icy conditions, it can be quite crazy, so you'd better use some body protection. Flakas and spocks? Just go for it.

On the other hand, and in the right conditions, wind snowboarders spin more easily than those on skis.

But beware: use some protection on your knees - like hockey players do - because you could fall hard if the edges stop you down.

Wind snowboarding is easier in softer conditions, and it will also offer more freestyle options.

It gives you the possibility to practice crazy power moves. Simply ride switch or move the position of the sail to train both sides.

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