Tonky Frans steals the 2018 Surf Worldcup

May 1, 2018 | Windsurfing
Tonky Frans: the winner of the 2018 Surf Worldcup | Photo: EFPT

Tonky Frans has taken out the first event of the 2018 European Freestyle Pro Tour (EFPT).

The windsurfer from Bonaire claimed the Surf Worldcup, in Neusiedl am See, Austria, after beating Sam Esteve in an exciting super final blessed by howling southerly winds.

The 20th anniversary year of the Austrian competition brought plenty of action into the local cold waters. Esteve and Frans were probably the most in-form sailors of the entire contest and fully deserved their spots in the decisive heats.

Tonky was the winner of the single elimination; Sam had been on fire and getting the highest scores of the day from the judges. So, it was natural that the two were lined up against each other.

The French windsurfer started better and landed an air skopu that eventually forced a super final. But Tonky Frans was not letting go and put all efforts in his performance. In the end,

"The wind today was quite strong. It was good, but this was Esteve's conditions, so I needed to play my game right because I know this guy is really good," explained Tonky Frans.

"In the first elimination, I didn't get it right, and he took over. Sometimes, it is interesting for people to see another round between us. I am quite happy. It's been so long I haven't won a competition that I don't even remember."

"My dream is to conquer the EFPT title. There are a lot of events, so it is good to start well. I just have to keep the same rhythm."

The 2018 Surf Worldcup wrapped up with an uber windy Super Session won by Steven van Broeckhoven. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.