Top windsurfers head to the 2011 Reunion Wave Classic

August 23, 2011 | Windsurfing
Reunion Wave Classic: there are ramps everywhere

After the success of the past two editions, the extreme windsurfing competition "Reunion Wave Classic" will take place again this year from August 25th to September 5th, on the best spots around St Pierre.

So far, six international riders have answered the call to challenge the powerful waves of the Indian Ocean. Gun Sails Team riders Camille Juban (21/Guadeloupe) and Pierre Godet (voted best local rider in 2010) will represent our brand over there.

Other riders so far are young Leon Jamaer (21/Germany), Jules Denel (21/France ), Tom Hartmann (31/Autriche), Julien Taboulet (31/France) and Colin Sifferlen (26/New Caledonia). Beside Pierre Godet, two other locals, Steven Pichot & Sylvain Bourlard, will join this year.

Ten days of competition, free choice of the spots depending on the conditions, riders judging themselves. Time for extreme and radical moves, under the watchful eye of a video team and a professional photographer who will be there to capture their achievements.

The goal is simple: have fun, push the limits of waveriding, providing a real show and promote the Reunion island through the images taken.

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