Valérie Ghibaudo leads the 2009 PWA Women's World Tour

May 28, 2009 | Windsurfing

Valérie Ghibaudo leads the 2009 PWA Women's World Tour

The season began in Uslan, Korea, for the women's fleet from June the 16th to the 22nd. Over the course of the week long event, there were two full days of racing, powered by the local south western thermal wind, which was gusting up to 50 km/h both days.

Women's riders had to wait until competition’s third day before Jinha Beach awoke to show its true colours, delivering side shore wind under blue sky.

In first position after 8 races in Korea, French Valérie Ghibaudo feels really good with this first victory, showing that our young mum is still in great shape! Windsurfing is also a matter of experience and at 37 years old she is more than ever at the top.

Well done for the first event of the season... But Karin Jaggi, who took the 2nd place on this first slalom world cup, did not say her last word and everything seems still possible for our 2008 Slalom World Champion. Karin has just changed her sail brand, and maybe she needs a little bit more time to be at ease on her new equipment.

The battle will be rude this year and the World Title hard to obtain. In third position, French Alice Arutkin, 16 years old, showed up for the first time on the podium. She trained very hard this winter; especially when she was in South Africa, and is now getting more and more experience on the water. We'll have to follow carefully this young talent as she seems to begin a nice professional career.

Next meeting for our women slalom riders will be Spain for an other intense week of competition. Our Korean podium will be on place to champion their first places in the Gulf of Roses, as some more women riders will play the game for this 2nd Slalom World Cup. Sant Pere Pescador, in Costa Brava, is well known for its generous windy conditions, and attracts tourists from all over the world in its turquoise water and white sand.

In addition, an amazing windsurfing meeting is set up on the beach during the event and Volkswagen presents one of its famous Van Meeting with lots of animations and some good concerts on the beach.

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