Valérie Ghibaudo wins the Water Ladies

September 23, 2010 | Windsurfing

Water Ladies: hurry up, it's shopping time

Water Ladies has been the first women-only windsurf competition. This event recreated perfectly the personality of our women riders, who came from the other side of the world for the occasion. Between competitions, pop art, yoga sessions, jewel making and beach parties the female competitors gave the best of themselves all the week long.

It was a real pleasure to see them getting out of the water smiling and spending time with the medias. It was a beautiful moment, fun and sporty, that should be perpetuated in the future!

Water Ladies was the occasion to put a glamorous touch to a high level windsurf competition, putting our watersports women champion in the light more than ever.

"I am very proud to have won this PWA Slalom World Champion title on this feminine final in l'Almanarre. The atmosphere was very nice between all the girls and it was a lot of fun to sail with them all. I hope we'll be able to organize again this kind of event to develop women windsurfing!" Karin Jaggi - PWA Slalom World Champion 2010

"I liked very much this step of the world cup in Hyères. The women competitors were really open minded and professional too. On the water the level was very high and the young guns were super motivated during the races. I hope the event will go on next year." Valérie Arrighetti-Ghibaudo - PWA Slalom Vice World Champion 2010 and winner of Water Ladies.

Source: Juice Event

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