Van Broeckhoven revalidates European Tow-in Championship title

May 2, 2014 | Windsurfing
Steven Van Broeckhoven: he loves to win

Steven Van Broeckhoven has won the 2014 Chiemsee European Tow-in Championship, at Podersdorf, Austria.

The final format was changed from two to three runs for each rider, with the best one counting, so that spectators had more action, and riders would risk more new tricks.

The first round saw a lot of "safer" moves like funnels and double funnels, with some noteworthy performances by Adrien Bosson and Steven Van Broeckhoven who showed burner-funnel combinations and Adam Sims who went for a Spock, clearly wanting to double it up.

In the end speed was missing, but this unusual move got rewarded with quite a high score of 37 points. The highest score in the first round was by Adrien Bosson who reached 40 points.

In the second round, riders tried to double, even triple up their moves, or to go for highly technical maneuvers which are very hard to land, like culos (Fabrizi, Schmit, Vrieswijk) and air-bobs (Mas).

Van Broeckhoven put out an incredible performance with a massive air-funnel into burner, in which the second pop was unbelievably high. He landed upright on his board and claimed his move with a huge smile in his face, knowing what was about to come.

The judges honored this trick with a remarkable score of 50 points, the highest in the competition. The rider from Belgium and the rest of the fleet knew that this would be very hard to beat.

Therefore, sailors went crazy in the third round trying new things and going even faster into their moves. The statistics of landed maneuvers decreased a bit, but the spectators on the beach still loved the crash parts and the air time.

Steven Van Broeckhoven took the victory over Tonky Frans and Adrien Bosson, and successfully defended his title for the second time.

"I came here mainly for the freestyle competition and it was my main aim to win it, but winning all of the different contests is super sick for sure! I am really really happy," says Van Broeckhoven.

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