Van Broeckhoven wins the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix

June 3, 2010 | Windsurfing

EFPT Sardinia: blue skies, nice tricks

Yesterday´s double elimination was sailed until heat nr. 27, were 8 riders remained in the race. Today they were up to challenge the top 4 riders from the single elimination on day 3 of the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix.

To remember, yesterday Davy Scheffers (Tabou/Gaastra) won the single elimination in front of Nicolas Akgazciyan (Starboard/Gun Sails), Steven van Broeckhoven (F2/Gaastra) and Edvan Souza de Pedro (RRD/Simmer Style). The remaining heats of the double were started at 10am in, again, perfect new school freestyle conditions.

Everybody on the beach was, after the amazing last days, expecting something over the top again, and the last 12 riders in the race were ready to deliver it hot and fresh right in front of the beach. Andraz Zan (RRD/RRD) continued his run through the elimination ladder and succeeded, with sometimes close decisions, upon, the next Italian Stallion, Mattia Fabrizi (Fanatic/North Sails), and Adrien Bosson (Fanatic/North Sails) from France.

Heat nr. 32 saw Edvan Souza de Pedro against the Slovenian sailor. Edvan found in this elimination back to his style and won against Zan. Heat nr. 33 was Edvan against Steven van Broeckhoven (F2/Gaastra).

The current EFPT champion started his heat with a Skopu and a one handed air funnel. Those last heats between Steven, Edvan, Nico and Davy were mind-blowing. The amount of moves, the technical difficulty, the flow and the risk, every rider had to take, was at least one level above all the other races the EFPT saw so far.

Before the elimination was started this day, a lot of amateur riders and tourists were on the water in Porto Liscia, but as soon as they saw the action going on, they swapped their windsurf equipment against handy-cams and sat down in front of the heat area. The crowd could see Steven winning over the Brazilian de Pedro. The Belgian, in his funky yellow wetsuit, sailed in heat nr. 34 against Nicolas Akgazciyan.

The French fought hard but could not stop Steven from going into the final against Davy Scheffers. Travelmates Davy and Steven knew that this heat requires something great from themselves. Davy was crashing a bit too much and lost the heat.

As Davy was the winner of the single elimination yesterday, heat nr. 36 had to be sailed, the super final in the last elimination during the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix.

A double Spock, an Eslider into Puneta, a Spock to Kono and a great variety of fast and clean freestyle moves on Davy´s judge sheet resulted his first victory in an EFPT double elimination. The dutch kid was super happy about his performance and maybe is still smiling like a cheese cake.

Windsurfing might not be the sport where people are interested in statistics or history, but as this event was really one of the greatest the EFPT had so far, we have to write down a few things. 106, in words: one hundred and six, heats were sailed at the Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix in Porto Liscia.

Riders had to use every sail, board, mast, boom and so on, they brought to the event. From 5.6sqm on the days prior the event, over a 40+ knots elimination on the second day of the event, to perfect new school freestyle conditions on the last two days, the event featured a great variety of sailing conditions.

The 3 double eliminations showed differing results, with only a few riders sailing constantly over all 3 eliminations. After calculating one discard elimination for every rider it was Mattia Fabrizi on 4th, Nicolas Akgazciyan on 3rd, Davy Scheffers on 2nd and Steven van Broeckhoven on the 1st.

After the EFPT race was done, Red Bull brought their ramp in position close to the beach. 7 riders registered for a one hour super session, going for a thousand euros for a double loop, a thousand euros for a backloop and other prices like cameras and sunglasses. Nicolas Akgazciyan picked up the first price in the super session with an amazing table top into forward, and could also grab the 1.000€ for the double forward.

The second Sardinia Freestyle Grand Prix is done. The majority of riders already is up for the next event, the Milos Beach Lefkada Vassiliki Open takes place from 11th - 14th of June. See you all there.

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