Vincent Langer is the 2017 Formula Windsurfing world champion

June 6, 2017 | Windsurfing
Vincent Langer: the 2017 Formula Windsurfing world champion was crowned in home waters | Photo: Windsurf Cup

Vincent Langer has been crowned the 2017 Formula Windsurfing world champion, in Sylt, Germany.

It was one of the most exciting Formula Windsurfing World Championships of all time. The organizers ran 14 races, and nine sailors were able to win a race.

The event was part of the Multivan Summer Opening 2017. Four windsurfers entered the last day of competition knowing that they still had a shot at the world title: Vincent Langer, Steve Allen, Sebastian Kördel, and Alexandre Cousin.

Allen fought hard; he really wanted the world title, but he also knew that only a win in the last race would make him smile. Casper Boumann ended up taking the bullet, and Langer celebrated.

"I don't know what to say right now. I have been racing with Steve since I was a kid and now we had a big fight with Sebastian, Gonzalo, Gunnar, and Casper. It's an unbelievable day for me," expressed Langer.

"Yesterday, I was quite sad because of the one race that I had to cancel. But I forgot about that quickly. This morning, I got out on the water at 9 am to get everything prepared. The day went very well for me. Now, I am absolutely happy about the world title."

2017 Formula Windsurfing World Championship | Top 5

1. Vincent Langer (GER)
2. Steve Allen (AUS)
3. Alexandre Cousin (FRA)
4. Sebastian Koerdel (GER)
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