Warsaw prepares the ultimate indoor windsurfing showdown

March 12, 2014 | Windsurfing
Indoor windsurfing: turning the wind on

The world's best windsurfers will return to an indoor windsurfing event between 5th-7th September, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland.

Up to 50,000 spectators will have the opportunity to watch windsurfers sailing around the 90-meter long pool. The contest will provide artificial winds of between 15 and 37 knots.

The indoor windsurfing event is part of the PWA World Tour. The pool will be installed in the National Stadium, a retractable roof football arena opened on the 29th January, 2012.

"This wind strength is generated by 30 huge fans (45-55kW) running the whole length of the pool. Being the largest stadium ever to hold this pool and fans, we hope to gain even better wind across the pool compared to previous events," Steve Allen told Boardseeker Mag.

Filling it with three thousand cubic meters of water will take over two days, which means about 50 hours. The empty pool would easily accommodate 80 big trucks, or 20 fighter planes F16.

Each fan has an higher engine power than that of a standard Harley Davidson motorbike.

Three divisions will be run: Slalom, Jump, and Freestyle. In the Jump and Freestyle competitions, windsurfers will have the opportunity to do three runs around the pool to show judges their signature tricks.

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