Wavejam 5 crowns Andy King in the Cornwall

February 4, 2009 | Windsurfing

Wave Jam

Last weekend saw us heading to St Ives Bay in Cornwall for Wavejam 5. The official meeting point was the Bluff, but it looked too offshore. Gwithian was huge but dead cross-shore and a bit messy.

So we headed to Mexico's where we were greeted with solid waves over mast high, breaking fully top to bottom onto a shallow sand bar. Thankfully the wind was blowing strong enough to power us out through the gnarly stuff and get some sick rides back in.

Standouts for the Day were Andy King, Steve Thorp, Kit Brogan, Rich Potter (British wave champion), Jan Sleigh, Nick Moffatt and Dan Linton all picking off some huge set waves, with Andy being voted top rider for the day for his huge airs and Goiters. The sailors judged each other and the scores were extremely close at the top.

The only downer was the amount of spray in the air (due to the howling off-shore wind) preventing us getting any shots of the mackers on the outside (and the inner mast high waves obscuring the view too!). This shot of Kit is the last section of the wave which was closing out at logo high!

Definitely one of the heaviest days I've sailed in the UK. We all went home feeling pretty battered and stoked, and very excited about the prospect of 27ft waves for the next day! Unfortunately the wind and waves failed to show for day 2.

Wavejam is the exciting new British wavesailing event format.

We have taken the bold step of getting Britains most radical sailors to the gnarliest conditions by running a fun contest at ANY location and at ANY time. We wait for only the biggest storms before calling an event. A team of camera men follow us to record the action and see who's ripping! The results will be shown on here and in the magazines.

To enter a Wavejam event you must be a member of the UKWA -this will provide your personal insurance and our event insurance. Windsurfing in gnarly conditions is a dangerous sport and competitors enter at their own risk.

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