West Kirby Warriors claim the Team15 Champions Cup 2013

October 17, 2013 | Windsurfing
Team15 Champions Cup 2013: tense windsurfing races

West Kirby Warriors have taken out the Team15 Champions Cup 2013, at Pitsford, United Kingdom.

Just under 90 young windsurfers from seven teams across the UK took to the water for the decisive stage of the Team15 Champions Cup 2013.

After dominating in their West Zone regional heats, the Warriors won their place in the final and, despite fierce competition, they continued to perform at a very high level.

"It's amazing and we've come so far, I don't think we really expected it to be honest as it was really tough competition at first. We wanted it and we went for it and it feels really good to win as a team. That's what matters!", says Milo Callaghan, West Kirby Warriors captain.

Racing was split between the four windsurfing classes (3.5m, 4.5m, 5.8m, Techno 6.8) with a total of 37 races taking place throughout the weekend on the two courses.

The Spray Sprites, Pugneys Pirates and the West Kirby Warriors all claimed victory winning first place in their classes.

Team15 Champions Cup 2013 | Results

1. West Kirby Warriors 
2. Pugneys Pirates 
3. Axbridge Animals
4. Spray Sprites
5. Pitsford Pirates
6. Polkerris Pirates
7. Loch Insh Monsters

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