When cycling works as windsurf fitness training

November 29, 2013 | Windsurfing
Bryony Shaw: her bike is waiting for her in the harbour

Bryony Shaw is a fan of cycling, especially during the winter season. She considers it a base level training to prepare for the windsurf racing events.

Shaw is part of the British Sailing Team, which competes at the highest level, at the world's top sailing venues. At 30, she is the first ever women's windsurfing medal for the British Olympic team.

"This time of the year, I will try to get out on the bike at least 3-4 times a week, riding for at least two hours a time which can be great fun when you go out as a big group".

"It's also about trying to get in as much volume as you can - you can combine fat burning training to try and get as lean as possible as well as endurance training. The fitness gained from the bike really complements the fitness used when out on the water windsurfing".

"Cycling during regattas is also a great form of recovery after a day out on the water and when I have my bike out at regattas I try to incorporate this into my program".

By going cycling after races, Bryony Shaw is allowing the body to remove all the toxins and lactic acid which she has built up during the day.

The RS:X windsurfer tries to include 10-12 hours a week of aerobic work, in her schedule, during winter.

"Our athletes need to be fit all year round and cycling allows the sailors to clock up a high volume of cardiovascular work. Combined with a whole-body conditioning program including flexibility, cycling can play an important part of your non-sailing training", explains Tim Jones, British Sailing Team's Pathway Sports Scientist.

Using GPS devices, having proper cycling shoes and pedals,  maintain a posture that keeps your breathing unobstructed in long hills, and progressively building endurance are some of the most important tips for windsurfers who would like to give a go on cycling.

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