When windsurfing is useless to society

December 10, 2010 | Windsurfing

Bryony Shaw: Olympic medalist

Deciding the best UK Budget in a context of international economic crisis is definitely not an easy task. Politicians decide where they should cut or where they should spend/invest.

Sometimes, even the best MBA graduates are not the ones who decide where a State should spend the taxpayers' money. Nevertheless, there's a journalist who knows it better than anyone. James Delingpole writes in "The Telegraph", a UK newspaper.

In his chronicle "The student riots are David Cameron's fault", Delingpole believes that "what the ailing global economy really doesn’t need right now is more 2.2 graduates in Windsurfing, Dubstep and Poi studies from the University of Greater England (formerly Neasden Poly)?".

Well, some of you will agree and some will disagree. Some of you will say everyone can be a journalist, even without studying Journalism, and some of you think sports are an important part of the development of human beings and of complete citizens.

If we don't need graduates in Windsurfing, is there a "Journalist's Guide to Respected and Useful Professions in Years of Economic Crisis?" That would be certainly interesting and would lead us in the right path.

UK windsurfers have made more for the country than many other professionals. Windsurfer Bryony Shaw, for example, conquered Britain's fifth ever sailing medal in the last Summer Olympic Games. Let's hope newspaper journalists will be celebrating more windsurfing trophies in the next 2012 Olympic Games, to be held in London.

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