Wiebel is the new speed sailing project

April 26, 2013 | Windsurfing
Wiebel: is that a catamaran or a windsurfer?

Wiebel is the new sailing craft, a combination of sailing technology and windsurfing technology.

Inspired by the Sailrocket and windsurf sailboards, Wiebel mimics and incorporates the behavior and aspects of both wind sailing classes.

The high speed, great maneuverability and planing behavior of windsurfing is combined with the size, the team sport and the seaworthiness of multihulls.

"The project is still small, but has high ambitions. This combination results in the fastest and most spectacular sailboats ever, and a unique proposition to the sailing community", explains Walter Hart, founding father of Wiebel.

Hart is a civil engineer from Delft University of Technology and also a Dutch and European patent attorney. He believe the era of the quad has come and so Wiebel was born.

The new wind sailing craft has four planing pods, a stepped hull and is designed for two sailors. With 6.5 meters in length, 4.2 meters of width and 6.8 meters of height, the Wiebel is mainly made of light carbon.

A small scaled version of Wiebel has already hit the water to prove its speed and efficiency. The developers aim to break all speed sailing records on offer.

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