Wilhelm Schurmann wins 2012 Island Style Classic Windsurfing Regatta

March 1, 2012 | Windsurfing
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Wilhelm Schurmann has claimed the Island Style Classic Windsurfing Regatta 2012, held at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, in Florida. The ninth edition of the windsurfing event run by Laurel Kaiser saw close to 50 sailors testing their racing skills in Formula, Sports Formula and Kona fleet.

"I had never been to the event or the West Coast of Florida before and since I was in Miami early for the Calema Midwinters, I talked to Ron Kern and he convinced me to head up to Sarasota", explains Wilhelm Schurmann.

The sailing town offers everything a windsurfer needs. Great easy going atmosphere, relaxed environment, well equipped club and incredible sights over the Sarasota Bay.

On Saturday, with light winds around 8-to-12 knots, everyone rigged big. The course was a simple windward leeward with the option of one or two laps depending on the wind. Four races were run.

On Sunday, a cold front came through the night and the wind picked up nicely to around 12-to-20 knots. Three back-to-back races were done.

The Brazilian took first place, while Vincent Barre placed second and Ron Kern stood in third. The races were all very tight bercause of the short course, which made it really tactical, fast and exciting, since the hole fleet was always together.