Ultimate Windsurf Game: air stoke in your computer

A group of video game developers are working on the "Ultimate Windsurf Game", an update of the "Windsurfing MMX".

It is still a work in progress, but the windsurfing community can already test the early version of the "Ultimate Windsurf Game".

The team behind the windsurfing game has been listening to the first impressions in order to improve and build a future solid release.

"We are aiming to make the game an update of the game 'Windsurfing MMX,' which is a great game but has stopped in development. The game will be focused mostly on wavesailing, but the team will try to add more disciplines in further development", explain the programmers.

The "Ultimate Windsurf Game" expects to deliver a single player storyline, good waves with lips and breaking sections, online championships and a collection of real tricks and moves.

The windsurf game will upgrade the characters, kit customization, camera control, and overall movements.

The team wants to bring several windsurf spots into the game: Hookipa, Jaws, Santa Cruz, Cape Town, Mauritius, Morocco, Cabo Verde, Pozo, and Chile.

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