Windsurf poker game invades the South of Corsica

May 23, 2012 | Windsurfing
Manu Canepa: he will be playing the windsurf poker game

The French Island of Corsica is about to launch the third edition of a very special and obscure windsurfing event, between 13th-17th June 2012.

The "Bonifacio Windsurf Freestyle Project" promises to ignite the south region of Corsica with a bunch of hardcore windsurfers.

A group of local riders is preparing a competition in which photographers and windsurfers try to get unusual, complex and creative images out of a windsurfing night. How?

The rules are similar to poker. Figures like Jack, King or Ace mean freestyle windsurfing tricks like Spock, Shaka, or Funel. Each player can play with the on the difficulty level of each maneuver in his hand and its implementation on the water.

Thomas Traversa, Julien Mas, Steven Van Broekhoven and friends will hit the Piantarella waters to demonstrate talent and imagination under the moonlight.

Add fire shows, DJ sets, cocktails and night parties and you'll get the "Bonifacio Windsurf Freestyle Project", the first windsurf poker game. Let the show begin. Photographers, get set.

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