Windsurfer International Magazine has been launched by Brian McDowell

August 18, 2009 | Windsurfing

Windsurfer International Magazine

Beach Telegraph Publications has today launched Windsurfer International Magazine - a free-to-read monthly digital publication serving-up a multimedia feast of juicy articles for action-hungry wind addicts worldwide.

After founding the popular news aggregation Blog BeachTelegraph, Editor Brian McDowell aims to deliver a feature-rich service to complement the up-to-the-minute news that Beach Telegraph provides.

With a strong slant on environmental issues, Windsurfer International (WI) mag is also for people who care about the ocean and want to help protect our planet in return for a good read.

WI is proudly supported by smart sponsors who recognise the negative impact paper printing processes have on our future.

WI is also committed to marketing Windsurfing broadly and hopes to attract new participants into the sport via exciting multimedia imagery and stories. As a showcase of the best sport on the planet WI mag has no cost and can be shared by many social media applications such as Facebook or Twitter and super-easy Blog and website embed options.

“I really hope windsurfers will help to spread this publication far and wide so we can help show the world how awesome our sport is" stated McDowell, a regular contributor to worldwide magazines, a former Pro Tour Judge and Press Officer for the PWA, and a long-time surf sports business figure having worked for leading brands such as Gaastra and Animal.

“With your help more copies of this magazine will introduce people to the sport than the ones people currently only find in their Dentists waiting rooms. Right now there are so many excellent news-focused websites for windsurfers - and now finally a place for quality extended features too.

I’m over-the-moon to step-up up the level of service Beach Telegraph has delivered and to try and bridge the gap between digital and print formats. With WI mag you can read online, print-off a couple of pages or save a PDF (no videos) version for the train ride home, or share it with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

I hope you enjoy reading it on a wide range of devices wherever you go! In fact, there’s even a live news feed from The Beach Telegraph inside so you can read both features and news in one place!"

Windsurfer International magazine is dedicated to quality journalism and aims to deliver exceptional value to advertisers targeting a truly global audience.

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