Ron Kleverlaan: surrounded by the smiling record holders

Windsurfer Ron Kleverlaan has successfully crossed the North Sea, from England to the Netherlands.

The sailor from Bergen aan Zee had already made an attempt to cross the North Sea, back in 1990, but he had to stop due to changing weather conditions which made the crossing impossible.

Kleverlaan kicked off his windsurfing adventure at 10am from Lowestoft, in England, and arrived at the Kleverlaan Beach, in Holland, almost nine hours later.

The Dutch windsurfer failed to beat the record set at 7 hours and 56 minutes, set by Tim Klijn and Jaap Kriele, in 1998, finishing 43 minutes later.

During the North Sea crossing, Ron Kleverlaan had to tackle severe weather changes and shifting winds to complete the 105 nautical miles (195 kilometers) challenge.

The fastest sailor to complete the adventure is Bouwe Bekking, who set the record in 2009, with 5 hours and 36 minutes, on a Volvo Open 70 yacht.

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