Windsurfer World Trophy crowns five new champions

July 23, 2018 | Windsurfing
Windsurfer World Trophy: more than 100 colorful sails invaded Italy's Lake Garda | Photo: Windsurfer Class

Five new champions have been crowned at the Windsurfer World Trophy 2018, held at Circolo Surf Torbole, in Lake Garda, Italy.

The last day of competition had a long distance race early in the morning, blessed by the Pelèr wind and two classic races in the afternoon powered by the Ora.

It was the perfect end for an event that saw the great champions that made the history of windsurfing back into the water - Riccardo Giordano, Christoph Sieber, and Cesare Cantagalli were some of them.

The races featured Olympic and world champions competing side by side against young windsurfers who wanted to try the new Windsurfer LT boards, renewed in construction and design.

More than 100 athletes and their colorful sails glided on 15-kilogram boards which seem to regain new life, as the class rises from the ashes.

Windsurfer World Trophy: sailors from all over the globe competed for world titles | Photo: Windsurfer Class

The veterans proved they're still competitive, despite their age and the reduced activity.

A special word goes to the winner of the long-distance race, Riccardo Giordano, first place in the medium-heavy weight category, and to 2000 Sydney Olympics gold medal winner Christopher Sieber, second place in the long-distance challenge and winner of the medium weight category.

Giordano ended up taking the overall win followed by a very technical Alessandro Torzoni and Riccardo Renna, the young athlete representing Circolo Surf Torbole.

Marta Tanas (Women), Andrea Marchesi (Light Weight), Christoph Sieber (Medium Weight), Giordano (Medium-Heavy Weight) and Giuseppe Barone (Heavy Weight) are the five division winners.

The Windsurfer class confirmed to be a technical class, but also lived up to its so-called "Windsurfer Spirit" which blends together sport and fun, and enables competitors to forge great friendships.