Windsurfers complete 500-kilometer downwinder in Brazil

November 17, 2014 | Windsurfing
W.IN.D 500 Brazil: code name for success and caipirinha | Photo: Guy Cribb

A group of windsurfers led by Guy Cribb has successfully completed a 500-kilometer sailing marathon between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara, in Brazil.

The downwind adventure named "W.IN.D (Windsurfing INtution Downwinder) 500 Brazil 2014" is over. Thirteen windsurfers managed to survive spikes, spears, gusty winds, shallow waters, shore breaks, and Atlantic bumps.

The long-distance master knew thing wouldn't be easy, especially when winds are always blowing above 20 knots. Keeping 12 windsurfers together, in these conditions, is even harder.

The team had tight schedules: early morning wake up calls, equipment decisions to be made, short recovery times, and very few checkpoints.

In the penultimate day, windsurfers faced the toughest challenge of the entire adventure. They had to sail around 50-60 kilometres with no support. If anything went wrong they would be sleeping on the beach, with no phone coverage.

On the fifth day, the "W.IN.D 500 Brazil" team touched the sands of Jericoacoara, in the Ceará state. Mission accomplished.