Windsurfers complete challenges of the 2010 Cabrillo Beach Enduro Race

August 13, 2010 | Windsurfing

2010 Cabrillo Beach Enduro Race: the palm trees are in perfect shape | Photo: Daniel Gallet

The 2010 Cabrillo Beach Enduro Race was a great success - they paddled and they sailed!

Twenty raced in the SUP Enduro this year, kicking off the day with our SUP race around the bell buoy, in the morning, and 61 raced in the Windsurf Enduro, during the afternoon, as the winds wound up to 15 mph, by 3pm.

The SUP race is a Le Mans style start and consists of a paddle around the Cabrillo Beach Bell Buoy. The Cabrillo Beach Enduro is organized by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks and by the Cabrillo Beach Boosters and their volunteers.

Any and all proceeds from the Event benefit the youth and recreation programs at Cabrillo Beach.

Race results are as follows:

SUP Race Results:

Men's Open

1 Chris Kroener
2 David Drake
3 Mark Pighini
4 Alex Drake
5 Steve Hill


1 Lori Pighini
2 Linda Knight
3 Stephanie LeBlond

Men's 12ft & Under

1 Carl Cambilargiu
2 Xavier Ferlet
3 Mickey Hawke
4 Kirk Robinson
5 Mickey Hawke
6 Danny Miller
7 Kevin Hawke
8 Jurg Schnorf
9 Jeff Hawke
10 Bill Kaser
11 Jeffrey Hawke
12 Kevin Knight

Windsurf Race Results:

Women's Sport
Sophie Moscoso
Johanna Yee
Debi Thompson
Stephanie LeBlond
Nina Walker

Women's Open

Kay Monteleone
Shawn Freeman
Sheri Nelson
Chikako Kashino


Luke Letwin
Amy Letwin

Men's Sport

Jason Ha
Pix Veendiar
Jonathan Robbins
Dan Tran
Bruce Allen
Michael Munn
Rob Saslow
Mark Pighini


Julio Nunez
Mark Tierney
Christopher Knap
Peter Bonello
Claudio Molina
Richard Harman
Jurg Schnorf
Heiner Vogelbach
Skip Gonsalves
Spencer Thompson
Cliff Hauser
Sail # HIH
Bruce Allen
David Whittaker
Bill Kaser
Jeff Lindstrom
Kirk Robinson
Robert Davis
Mike Bellman
Guillermo Longo

Men's Open

Xavier Ferlet
Gabor Vagi
David Drake
Philip Newmarch
Alex Drake
Federico Pecora
Christopher Knap
Claudio Molina
Shaun Geer
Alex Koutzoukis
Lasse Uronen
David Whittaker
Julio Nunez
Andres Moscoso
Dave Freeman
Dominique Morel
Richard Harman
Peter Bonnello
Charles Aguilar
Greg Monteleone
Ron Holmes

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