Windsurfers eye records at the Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012

October 14, 2012 | Windsurfing
Luderitz Speed Challenge: windsurfers and kitesurfer battle for glory

One knot equals 1.852 km/h (1.151 mph). More than 20 windsurfers and 18 kitesurfers have registered for the most prestigious speed sailing event in the world. The Luderitz Speed Challenge 2012 will certainly break many records.

The winning formula of the Luderitz Speed Challenge lies on the quality of the speed channel. The strip of all windsurfing and kitesurfing records has been improved for the last two years to meet the need for speed.

Windsurfers will be the first sailors to try it, in Namibia. They want to beat kiteboarders, but first they will have to sail even faster than Antoine Albeau, the current windsurf record holder, with a speed of 49.09 knots over a 500 metre course.

The French bullet has registered to record his speed sailing times. Windsurfers will have almost one month to give their best in Luderitz, from the 5th November to 2nd December.

Sébastien Cattelan has already tested some improvements in the speed strip. The French kitesurfer sailed over 52 knots over 500 metres and confirmed that Rob Douglas' world record might be broken. Kiteboarders will only race from the 3rd December to 16th December.

There are world record to break, but also many national and personal records. It will also be interesting to know if windsurfers will be able to reduce the speed margin that separates them from the kite armada, or not. Only 6.56 knots lie between the two fierce rivals. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.