Windsurfers prepare for the famous Lancelin Ocean Classic in Australia

December 30, 2009 | Windsurfing

Lancelin Ocean Classic is the world's longest windsurfing race

2010 will be the 25th Anniversary for the Lancelin Ocean Classic setting it up to be the biggest one in its long history.

If you have not entered the world famous marathon before you are missing out on what many have said is a must do at least once in your windsurfing life.

With the 24th year being a huge success make sure you don't miss this history making 25th year. Why not book your accommodation early to make sure you don't miss out.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is also an awesome Spectators event. Spectators are never disappointed with making the time to come and view this event as the town of lancelin not only offers premier windsurfing but also plenty of other sports such as snorkeling, diving, boating, swimming and fishing.

Lancelin has excellent facilities including restaurants, banks, general store and post office as well as a huge amount of accommodation. With the Lancelin Ocean Classic and event party being known as the one of the highlights of lancelins year why not make it your excuse for a fantastic weekend away in paradise?

History of the Event

The Lancelin Ocean Classic, a world renowned windsurfing event, started as a Lancelin Chamber of Commerce project with humble beginnings in 1986 with a few enthusiastic windsurfers and a handful of competitors for a one-day event, the Ledge to Lancelin Ocean Marathon. The event is now run over four days, with three disciplines of the sport. The first two days, Thursday and Friday consist of Wave sailing, Saturday the Marathon and Sunday slalom.

The marathon is a down wind course of approximately 25 kilometers and over the years has seen from 200 to 400 starters, many entering just to try to complete the grueling course.

Wave sailing is the more spectacular discipline with over 70 competitors sailing in four man heats trying to out manoeuvre each over with the highest aerials or radical wave riding. Slalom is high speed racing, with speed, jibing and accuracy being the winning qualifications.

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is the most prestigious and longest running windsurf event in Australia. World Class Competitors and spectators come from all over the world. The event attracts 3000 to 5000 visitors to Lancelin.

Windsurfing and the Lancelin Ocean Classic are a major tourism asset for the town and West Australia. International competitors from Colombia, British Virgin Islands, Canada, America, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria, Scotland, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, England, France and Japan all take part in this internationally recognized event. Many of the International competitors are ranked in the top five in their home countries.


Western Australia has long been a destination for windsurfers world wide and Lancelin is one of the more popular spots.

Lancelin is a small Cray fishing and tourist town and has a usual residing population of 800, some weekends that swells to 2000 and 8000 people, it goes off in Summer.

Lancelin is also the home of the Famous Lancelin Ocean Classic, which is the longest running windsurfing event in Australia. The Lancelin Ocean Classic as of the event 2007 has been running for 22 years and attracts the most competitors of any windsurfing event ever in Australia. The Classic attracts some of the best competitors in the world.

Lancelin is ideal for any level of windsurfing, learning, shallow flat water inshore, flat water for blasting around and three breaks for all levels of wave sailors.
You can park on the beach rig up or on a grassed area and ten steps your on the water and away.

The Western Australian coast line from top to bottom, which is about 12,600 kilometres, offers some of the most spectacular wind and water conditions anywhere and with all this space there is plenty of wind and water for everyone.

The prevailing wind blows from a southerly direction and starts blowing around October through to March. Wind strengths are on average 18-22 knots. The temperature is around 25c to 35c.

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