Windsurfers still waiting for last winds in the 2009 Reunion Wave Classic

September 15, 2009 | Windsurfing

2009 Reunion Wave Classic

This monday did not start good as we woke up this morning, thinking there would already be some wind, but it was completely glassy! Still some good lines outside predicted something could happened though. The wind came in lately and we finally moved to Ravine Blanche around 2pm.

Unfortunately, even if there were some pretty nice logo high waves, the wind was not strong enough to launch a 4th round.

Camille Juban, after he's been interviewed by local TV RFO, finally jumped in the water first but broke his mast outside without even having caught a wave! Straight after, as the wind started to pick up, Thomas Traversa could show his surfsailing skills in light wind conditions, but that was not enough to convince the riders to join as it was a bit messy and tricky to catch the sets.

We took advantage of this journey to make some portraits and pictures of the teams. The wind finally picked up around 16.30, with some crazy high mast sets coming in suddenly that allowed local Steven Pichot & Camille Juban to go for a late nice evening short session. It was unfortunately too late to launch the first heats.

Tomorrow is the last day of competition. We'll try to set everything up pretty early as the forecast does not look bad with wind and waves from the morning. As the Closing Ceremony will take place at the longboard Café again, around 5.30 as Voget, Fernandez, Goffinet & Caste have to catch their plane lately, it might be hard to do complete something but you never know! See you tomorrow.

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