Windsurfing bike hits the UK roads

September 20, 2011 | Windsurfing
Windsurfing bike: roads will be full of sailors

Ned Aufenast has invented the world's first windsurfing bike that can circulate in the roads of the United Kingdom. The 19-year-old entrepreneur from Suffolk has designed a great vehicle for those interested in experiencing new transportation options, in the city or in the country.

The "whike" can speed up to 40mp/h in good windy day and in favorable pavements. Will roads be full of sailors in the next years?

"I was cycling and the wind was blowing across and it was hindering rather than helping me," said Aufenast. "I've always wanted to sail on a road and I thought 'I can get somewhere with this'", he told Daily Mail.

Aufenast prepares to kick off his engineering studies and to drive/sail his "whike" through UK roads, as he is not allowed to enter motorways. It is the first model to be authorized along with cars and motorbikes.

Meanwhile, he has been offered a job and will develop his concept in Holland. The windsurfing bike will be marketed in the UK, in the next months.

Aufenast's "whike" features a 1.6 square metre sail. Wind helps you go faster if you pedal at the same time. "It is very comfortable as it has a moulded seat and head rest", says Aufenast.

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