Windsurfing fleet speeds up in the 2010 Calema Midwinters

March 6, 2010 | Windsurfing

Calema Midwinters: 'i can see the finish line...'

The Formula fleet had two great races with winds that kept the entire fleet planing. Gonzalo Costa Hoevel won the first race by a comfortable margin, he is showing excellent upwind speed.

The second race proved challenging and a perfect start by Micah Buzzianis at the pin end, but Gonzalo and the others giving chase downwind Paulo Dos Reis and Wojtek Borzsowski where flying downwind, and suddenly the realization the downwind mark had decided to sail itself downwind.

Luck with be with us as it reset much later, making for a gigantic second upwind leg. Gonzalo and Gabriel Browne managed to squeak past Wojtek .

The Techno fleet is full of action, so is the Kona fleet, and longboard/ hybrid.

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