Windsurfing hopes increase for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

October 12, 2012 | Windsurfing
Nick Dempsey: sailing toward Rio de Janeiro

Windsurfing might reconquer the ticket to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The Hong Kong Windsurfing Association (HKWA) has confirmed that there are raising hopes that windsurfing will be competing in the capital of Brazil, alongside kiteboarding

"This is a good sign for us because the executive committee has softened its stance and is now willing to discuss it," says Dennis Chau Wai-keung, executive director of the HKWA, to the South China Morning Post.

"Whether they want to keep windsurfing in either men's or women's or make it a mixed event for both genders, it seems to me the two classes are looking for a compromise."

These windsurfing hopes grew after the Executive Committee of the International Sailing Federation revealed that part of the kiteboarding regulations were to be change, in the next month, opening the doors to the inclusion of the classic wind sport.

The idea is to keep, at least, one windsurfing class up and sailing. The new formula can keep the Men's kiteboarding competition and add a new blended Men/Women RS:X windsurfing regatta.

"This is a temporary solution, I would say, as both kiteboarding and windsurfing can compete in Rio but the issue will not finish there and I can foresee a lot more power struggles between the two classes in future," Chau underlines.

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