"Windsurfing Into the Unknown" discovers a spot called Colombia

August 19, 2010 | Windsurfing

'Windsurfing Into the Unknown': Colombia is a great windsurf country

"Windsurfing Into the Unknown", a film by Camilo Galeano George, will be premiered at the Waucoma Club, Hood River, Oregon, USA, on the 27th August.

The high definition movie aims to bring windsurfers from all over the world to Colombia, in South America.

"I want to change the people's perception of Colombia and the relationship with drugs. First, I contacted my great friend and pro rider Michael Rossmeier. He liked the idea and told me about coming to Colombia to help me materialize my project. But we needed at least one more rider. Rossi told me Philip Soltysiak was interested in coming to Colombia. Philip is such a great guy he always has a smile on his face", says producer Camilo Galeano.

"Windsurfing Into the Unknown" is a documentary about people, tourist places and windsurf spots, with an eco-friendly approach.

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