Windsurfing record extravaganza at the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge

November 8, 2012 | Windsurfing
2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge: windsurfers are going ballistic

Windsurfers are getting the most of the 2012 Luderitz Speed Challenge, in Namibia. Sailors are breaking all records, with only two days of races.

Riders from France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey and Sweden have already tested the new speed strip and the results speak for themselves.

Antoine Albeau, current world slalom windsurfing champion, has set a new world speed windsurfing record with 49.41 knots, with only 38 knots of wind.

Swedish legend Anders Bringdal broke the world speed windsurfing record in on production board with 48.57 knots. Zara Davis broke the female version of the same record with 44.19 to become the fastest female British sailor.

Lena Aylin Erdil has been racing fast and broke the female Turkish record several times by reaching 41.53 knots. Farrel O'Shea defended his colours by beating the UK record twice, ending with 46.15 knots.

Patrick Diethelm, sailing under the flag of Switzerland, broke the Swiss record with 46.29 knots. French rider Cédric Bordes managed to sail the exact time of the previous Albeau record, hitting 49.09 knots.

Christian Bornemann broke the German record in windsurfing twice and currently holds it at 43.93 knots, while Dieter Gerichhausen reached 42.92 knots, holding this record for a time during the day. Christian Benzing touched a personal best with 40.33 knots, not far behind his fellow countrymen. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.