Winners of the 2009 Reunion Wave Classic have been announced

September 17, 2009 | Windsurfing

2009 Reunion Wave Classic

We're happy to announce you the final results of this wave contest by teams in La Reunion after 3 epic days of hardcore wavesailing in powerful waves of Ravine Blanche, and 3 rounds completed.


From the start, the team of local Steven PICHOT showed a great potential in strong wind and massive waves. His partners Victor Fernandez and Julien Taboulet were on top in conditions they enjoy, while Colin Sifferlen surprised everybody with a fluid and fast efficient surfing style.

The first points were scored by On day 1, Taboulet and Fernandez won their heat and scored the first points to this team... The day after, Fernandez striked again and win his heat, allowing his team to keep its advance.

Finishing 1st of their heat on day 3, Taboulet again and Sifferlen brought the extra points that showed the great potential of this Reunion Wave Classic's "dream team" ! Pichot can be a happy guy. He has shared his spot with the best windsurfers of the World and wins this team contest alongside top names like Fernandez, Taboulet and Sifferlen.

2nd - VOGET/GODET/CASTE/JUBAN. Total = 31 pts


Voted by all the riders of this contest during the Closing Ceremony, Camille JUBAN has been crowned as the "best rider" of this 1st Reunion Wave Classic for his commitment & style in the big ones. Congratulations!


It is not because of his results that Pierre GODET has been chosen among the 4 local riders. It was all the top riders' choice during the Closing Ceremony, to vote for him as he's been on top during this contest and impressed a lot on his local spot! A good present for his 36th birthday !

BEST MOVE Powered by Soöruz

Also voted by the riders with the help of our videos, Klaas VOGET takes the honour of the riders' vote in this category!!!

BEST WIPE OUT Powered by Soöruz

Without any doubt, and with a maximum of votes (you were more than 150 to leave a comment on our website!), it's definitely Alex MUSSOLINI's wipe out that wins in this category. A very awesome crash, full speed in the wave, caught by the lip that was breaking... Ouch! But it was a very close battle with Camille JUBAN (2nd), which wipe out was also insane, while Julien TABOULET comes in 3rd position. Good job Alex!!! Check out the wipe out video, Alex is #17, Camille #15 and Julien #9.

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