Winter windsurfing heats up frozen waters

October 31, 2010 | Windsurfing

Winter Windsurfing: cool, mate | Photo:

Call it winter windsurfing or ice windsurfing, it is surely a very cold sport. This alternative way of windsurfing is becoming very popular in Northern Europe, where wave sports enthusiasts are sometimes very far away from a lake, a river or an ocean.

In Finland, for example, the temperatures are so low that even water areas are transformed in thick layers of ice. So, how do you winter windsurfing? Well, you can take your classic sail and adapt it to a special skateboard based on blades and/or skis.

Of course, helmets and body protection must be worn, otherwise severe injuries might occur. Winter windsurfing is a synonym of speed. The fastest record is held by Jeff Brown with an incredible 103.96 kmh or 64.5 mph.

The Winter Windsurf European Cup is a growing competition held in freezing locations. The last event took place in Kalajoki, Finland.

Also, check the video of US winter windsurfers in Lake Wequaquet.

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