Wojtek Brzozowski is the new Formula Windsurfing World Champion

September 18, 2008 | Windsurfing

FW Champions

Today was the last day of the 2008 Portimão Formula Windsurfing World Championships event! According to yesterday’s forecast, the wind had a very week presence, which prevented the running of a last farewell race... but not even because of that did the competitor’s team feel discouraged!

After all, the day of the prize award and also of the so expected dinner has finally come. During the afternoon, everything was carefully arranged for the Finishing Ceremony... but most of the competitors and the public couldn’t help enjoying a perfect day at the beach.

The Finishing Ceremony took place at 07:00 p. m., with the prize award. José Guimarães, Chairman of the Overpower Club, said some nice farewell words, appointing all the names that rendered this event possible.

Afterwards, the trophies and pay checks were awarded to the athletes. The winners march had the following sequence:

1º Men Division: Wojtek Brzozowski POL 10
2º Men Division: Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG 3
3º Men Division: Michal Polanowski POL 16

1º Men Division /Light Weight: Wilhelm Schurmann BRA 999
2º Men Division /Light Weight: Lukasz Konieczny POL 320
3º Men Division /Light Weight: Miguel Martinho POR 5

1ª Women Division: Marta Hlavaty POL 111
2ª Women Division: Allison Shreeve AUS 991
3ª Women Division: Olga Maslivets UKR 9

1º Júniores: Jules Denel FRA 41
1º Masters: Martin Ervin EST 202

This chance was also taken to call to the stage the organizers of the next 2009 Formula Windsurfing World Championship, which will take place in Spain, in the Beach of Santa Pola.

After this memorable moment, it was time to celebrate! It was party time, which included a farewell banquet, in which everyone remembered these past competition days and the moments passed in a fantastic ambience. The party took place under the moonlight, with the presence of the local gastronomy and lots of music.

In short, it was an unforgettable event, which success contributed greatly for the exaltation of this sport. 100 athletes have been present at the Alvor Beach, coming from 22 nations, providing for a wonderful celebration of Formula Windsurfing.

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