World Sailing and Virtual Regatta announce the eSailing World Championship

April 27, 2018 | Windsurfing
Virtual Regatta: the online platform that will run the eSailing World Championship

The inaugural 2018 eSailing World Championship will kick off on May 10.

World Sailing, the world governing bodyboard for the sport of sailing, announced that the first eSports sailing season will feature a series of challenges and live events with different levels of importance.

The digital competition will get underway at Virtual Regatta, an online platform with one million players created in 2002 by Philippe Guigné.

Each regatta will allow players to accumulate points that will establish their standings in the eSailing World Rankings. The best online sailors will then advance to the playoffs to determine who will head to final set for Sarasota, in Florida, in October.

The world's first eSailing world champion will have to pick the right equipment, fine-tune it, adopt multiple sailing strategies and tactics, and combine sailing skills with the weather variables on offer at any given moment.

All gaming and sailing fans are invited to compete in the eSailing World Championship.

"Our goal is to inspire more people to engage with our sport. The anticipation for the competition format, the types of boat which will be available and playability has been incredibly high," says Kim Andersen president of World Sailing.

Virtual Regatta has already run more than 150 offshore and inshore, digital sailing competitions. The Vendée Globe is the game's most popular event with 485,000 players.

World Sailing still hasn't confirmed whether windsurfing or even kiteboarding will be included in the official eSailing World Championship class list.

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