World Sailing is satisfied with Rio 2016 water quality works

March 17, 2016 | Windsurfing
Rio de Janeiro: organizers say all sailors will compete in safe waters | Photo: Rio 2016

World Sailing says that Rio 2016 and the Brazilian authorities are doing all the necessary changes to ensure all sailors compete in safe waters.

Andy Hunt, CEO of World Sailing, met with the Olympic Games organizers and witnessed the redevelopment of Marina da Gloria, as the sewer pipe belt that will prevent sewage entering the competition area is nearly finished.

All systems will be tested in April and water testing within Marina da Gloria kicks off in the first days of May. RS:X windsurfers should expect racing in areas free of debris.

Additionally, Rio 2016 confirmed the installation of eighteen eco-barriers on rivers running into Guanabara Bay. The barriers will ensure the health and safety of all sailors.

"I am satisfied with the planning work that is being done ahead of the Games to ensure that the welfare of sailors remains the top priority, and that appropriate water testing and protocols are in place to inform decision-making at the Games," said Nebojša Nikolic, World Sailing's Medical Commission representative.

"We will continue to monitor water testing data closely and to educate sailors and officials on what they can do themselves to reduce health risks ahead of the Games."

The final visit to Marina da Gloria and Guanabara Bay will be made in May.

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