Xavier Ferlet conquers the CalCup in Berkeley

October 11, 2010 | Windsurfing

Xavier Ferlet: beated windsurfers and kitesurfers

UKWA Racer Xavier Ferlet won the CalCup this weekend in Berkeley near San Francisco. In second place was veteran racer Steve Silvester.

Xavier also won the overall competition between Kitesurfers and Windsurfers. San Francisco is one of the Formula hotbeds in America, the conditions there are usually rough and windy.

The first regatta of the series in May didn’t go well for Xavier who finished 10th. The following two events proved more successfull with two first places. The last two events of the season were dominated by the Veteran Racer Steve Silvester. Steve showed everyone how to do it in strong winds including racers who were about half of his age!

The Kiters have been going fast this year specially in light air but the boards were faster in stronger winds. The competition occasionally attracted top racers like current World Champion in kite course racing. No doubt that this trophy will be fiercely contested next year.

This concludes a successful season for Xavier’s first year in America. Other results include first place in Elvstrom Zellerbach Regatta, third place at the Bay Classic and first Master at the US Nationals / North American Championship.

California is a great place for Formula with great sailing conditions in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Next Championship is the Formula Masters Worlds in Rio, Araruama, Brasil starting on the 11th of October. Hopefully more British racers will turn up to represent the UKWA.

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