Yoav Omer and Katy Spychakov crowned 2016 RS:X Youth world champions

November 28, 2016 | Windsurfing
Katy Spychakov: your 2016 RS:X Youth world champions | Photo: Robert Hajduk

Yoav Omer and Katy Spychakov have claimed the 2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship, at Limassol, in Cyprus.

The Olympic windsurfing class continues to deliver exciting performances in a wide variety of conditions. The event held in the Mediterranean challenged everyone with strong and light winds.

The final races determined the new RS:X Youth world champions, and Israel proved to be a leading force with two sailors in the highest podium position, and a total of four medals out of a possible six.

"I can't describe this feeling. I am proud to be the world champion for the second time in a row. This week was very difficult for me. In strong winds, it's easier for me to perform well," explained Yoav Omer, who took eight bullets during the competition.

"I am happy to be able to win this competition before the medal race. After this championship, I am officially qualified to go to my last event of the season at the Auckland 2016 Youth Sailing World Championship. I then will move up to the RS:X seniors for the next season."

In the women's division, Katy Spychakov had to secure the first spot from the attacks led by her fellow countrywoman Noy Drihan. But a runner-up finish in the medal race was enough, and Spychakov had reasons to celebrate.

"This week has been a difficult one. The girls are all good. I do prefer more light winds. But after a hard week of tough conditions, I'm proud to say I'm the 2016 world champion!" expressed Katy Spychakov.

2016 RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship | Top 3

1. Yoav Omer (ISR)
2. Camille Bouyer (FRA)
3. Tom Reuveny (ISR)

1. Katy Spychakov (ISR)
2. Noy Drihan (ISR)
3. Mariam Sekhposyan (RUS)

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