Young guns challenge winds of Klitmøller Bay

October 26, 2011 | Windsurfing
JP Young Gun Classic: grey skies and colored sails

The annual JP Young Gun Classic in Klitmøller is considered the world’s greatest camp for 8-18 year old windsurfers, and the 2011 edition was no exception. Seventy young guns and about the same number of parents took part in the 2011 edition in the Klitmøller region, that was recently also hosting the PWA World Cup.

The YGC is probably the coldest windsurfing camp in the world, but never the less, most kids spent daily 5-6 hours on the water. This year, the Young Guns experienced almost all the faces of world class spot Klitmøller through four action packed days.

The camp started with sunny and quiet conditions on the first day with great waves for surf and SUP, and with all young guns out in the Klitmøller Bay. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky, and the temperatures were comfortable for the time of the year: 12ºC in the air and 14ºC in the water.

On the second day, the wind increased slightly and provided perfect conditions for the group of kids who got their first ever windsurf experience on the same reef where Kauli Seadi, Ricardo Campello and all the other PWA pros were competing just three weeks earlier.

Third day in the YGC was perfect for freestyle, and the whole group went to the spot called Krik Vig in the southern part of the Klitmøller National Park. Lots of moves were practiced. Big smiles all over the line. The weather got colder, but a giant grill and a Quiksilver tent were quickly arranged on the beach and provided enough shelter to keep everybody warm.

On the fourth day, Klitmøller showed what it is also known for: True northern conditions with freezing cold 35 knots of wind and mast high waves. Only a handful of Young Guns challenged the waves at its roughest, while the remaining group either just enjoyed an excellent show – or went to the lake nearby and had some hours in more calm waters.

All activities on the water were supported by four young JP/NeilPryde team riders who made an incredible effort to coach and make the Young Guns feel safe and confident in the water. Rasmus Øgelund and Nikolaj Theill, both specialized in freestyle, were teaching tricks that most Young Guns can only dream of.

Christian Justesen, former slalom junior world champion, gave his best tuning, speed and jibing tips, and showed that he is also a good coach for beginners. Sebastian Kornum, slalom and formula junior world champion, is one of the few that handles all windsurfing disciplines, and besides coaching, he was also inspiring with breathtaking rides on his JP-Australia SUP board.

"This year’s Young Gun Classic was by far the best we ever had. The conditions on the water were outstanding, and the kids were amazing! We saw lots of new talents, and I must say that it is very inspiring for me to spend a week coaching such a great group of active kids. There is a fantastic atmosphere between the Young Guns, and the parents seemed to heave a really good time too", says Sebastian Kornum.

"Everybody went on smiling, laughing and playing all day long. Like previous years, many friendships were established between the kids - and in fact also between their parents, who also joined the social dinners in the evenings", he adds.

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