Zara Davis speeds up with aerodynamic helmet

September 2, 2013 | Windsurfing
Zara Davis: the new member of Daft Punk

The fastest female windsurfer on Planet Earth is pushing her goals to a new level with the new aerodynamic helmet.

Zara Davis is officially the fastest female windsurfer of all time, holder of three world speed sailing records. She owns the 500 meters, the nautical mile, and the 500 meters production record.

When you're windsurfing at 45.83 knots, air resistance matters. The drag variable can be softened, with light gear, hydrodynamic boards and a good stance. But Davis looks further into new unexplored fields.

"We have been talking to Gath Helmets about the trip to Luderitz and how they could make me a bit faster. This is what we have come up with. I am hoping it will shave a few tenths of a second of and may be the difference between 49.99 knots and 50", tells Zara Davis.

Aero helmets are an old tradition in cycling. They even have built-in cooling systems that, combined with a perfect stance, will definitely improve speed, time and safety. Zara got seven stitches, last year at the Luderitz Speed Challenge.

"I think it will make a difference. Last year I wore a pair of ski goggles and it really helped with the visibility. This helmet I hope will give me good visibility, better aerodynamics and protection", she adds.

The 2013 Luderitz Speed Challenge runs from October 7th through November 17th.